The Conduit to get a sequel?

According to the rumours of G4TV, High Voltages Studios‘ hardcore Wii shooter is to receive a follow up. After spending some time with the developers at GDC who were showing off fighting game Tournament of Legends and shoot-em-up The Grinder, a G4TV representative saw a poster with just a large ‘2‘ in the same font as The Conduit. When asked if this was a tease for a sequel, a member of High Voltage Software only said “there’s more to come on that” while sporting a telling grin. The first thing that comes to mind is why? The Conduit wasn’t a terrible game but equally wasn’t all that great either and is yet to sell more than 500,000 units which generally means another game is out of the question. But the developers are a passionate bunch and seem keen to elevate the hardcore potential of the Wii. If The Conduit 2 could help towards this then I say good luck to them.


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