Ghostwire haunts handhelds this autumn

Less than a handful of DSi games take advantage of its ‘eyes’ but A Different Game studio are currently developing Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal, a spirit hunting augmented reality game. The idea is simple and kinda freaky; hold your DSi camera up to any environment and the game will superimpose a spook on the screen which you must help or capture after having a quick chat. Think Sixth Sense meets Ghostbusters. Today Joystiq have reported that Ghostwire will also be coming to the iPhone and Android speculating that thanks to the GPS capabilities of these phones, location-specific ghosts could be a possibility. Imagine what a trip to Whitechapel in London would bring up…

It sounds like a great idea to me but in order to sleep easy at night, I’d probably opt for not using Ghostwire at home. My wife on the other hand would definitely do such a thing, freak herself out, then do the whole thing again come morning – much like she did with PS2 ghoul-em-up Project Zero! Expect to find Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal on the DSi, iPhone and Android conveniently around Halloween this year.


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