Reggie red cheeked for rivals

Now that Sony has confirmed its motion controller is to be  known as PlayStation Move and some Wii inspired games were debuted at last week’s GDC, Nintendo of America boss, Reggie Fils-Aime had a couple of things to say about his gaming rivals. Speaking with Kotaku he proclaimed: “I think a hallmark of Nintendo is that we are constantly trying to innovate, I think we would have been embarrassed to do what our competitors are currently doing.”

I felt the same when hearing of the PlayStation Move and wonder if it could ever reach the same kind of popularity and indeed audience of the Wii. Sony position the PS3 as a serious entertainment system and even promoted it as a cheaper Blu-ray player when the games were lacking. Nintendo on the other hand makes no apologies for selling their platform as a family toy and therefore nestles its way into the right demographic. Take Sony’s EyePet for example. Superior to any Wii game in terms of graphics and technology but flopped all too quickly in Europe.

Reggie also spoke about whether there will be a successor to the Wii anytime soon now both Microsoft and Sony have firmly entered its domain: “When Mr. Miyamoto goes to Mr. Iwata and says. ‘I have this great idea and I can’t do it on the Wii,’ that’s when there will be a next generation console. What that includes we’ll see. I think Mr. Miyamoto himself has said that he is very interested in a high-definition experience, but to be 120 percent crystal clear, HD by itself in our view is not enough to go for a new console past the Wii.”

It’s an approach Nintendo have the luxury of exploiting thanks to the continuously high Wii sales. Who ever would have thought that the least powerful machine would be the most popular console of this generation? Clearly Project Natal and PlayStation Move are attempts to steal some of that sweet market share. Reggie’s last words come from IGN (via MCV) where he quite confidently said: “From our standpoint, motion control is core to what we do. We believe that we’ve brought a range of different experiences that utilize the motion controller and we pride ourselves on being innovators in the space and we’re going to continue to innovate. I think the key question is, how will they respond when we continue to innovate if this is their best effort?”


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