Zombie Infection = Resident Evil

There’s no denying that Gameloft are a talented bunch. Games like N.O.V.A (see my review here) are very well made and enjoyable to play. What is lacking however is obvious when you see the shocking similarities between N.O.V.A and Halo. Or GT Racing and Grand Turismo. Or Modern Combat: Sandstorm and Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Or Gangstar and Grand Theft Auto. You get the idea? No IP is forbidden ground and soon Zombie Infection will lurch onto the iPhone and iPod Touch causing many to say “Isn’t this just Resident Evil 5?”. It’s an over-the-shoulder, third person shooter set in Africa with a male and female protagonist who work for a secret government agency. They’re tasked with investigating a mysterious plague that appears to have turned the locals into zombies (or unthinking humans as we’re suppose to believe). You can’t hear me but I’m clapping very slowly in sarcastic appreciation. Kotaku had some hands-on time with the clone and pointed out the biggest difference is the ability to walk and shoot – something that is alien to a true Resident Evil. However they felt that this didn’t actually add anything special to a game that whiffed of ‘legally different’ plagiarism.


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