Final Fantasy XIII comes to iPhone – but not how we’d like

First Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIII would grace the Xbox 360 and now the multimillion selling RPG will also make an appearance on the humble iPhone – in the form of an image gallery. As if this couldn’t be done by visiting various sites and viewing their FFXIII image galleries, Andriasang reports the ‘scoop’ was broken by Famitsu who had a few shots of the App in action (seen after the break). Known as Final Fantasy XIII Larger than Life Gallery, viewers will be able to zoom in ridiculously close to images or set them as a background for a clock and calendar. Why you would want to is another story altogether. Square Enix is yet to give Final Fantasy XIII Larger than Life Gallery a release date but I’m guessing there isn’t much of a rush.

The full PS3/Xbox 360 game however is in great demand and as of today has sold around five million units worldwide. An outstanding success for a game who’s review scores fluctuate from 50-100% on I hope to get my hands on it soon and ogle those gorgeous graphics!


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