Avatar ‘inspired’ by Final Fantasy XIII

I sometimes get the feeling Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama likes the sound of his own voice. He recently made some questionable comments regarding the lower western review scores for his RPG and now believes that James Cameron ‘borrowed’ a lot of ideas for Avatar from Final Fantasy XIII:

“The in-game universe this time around is quite fantasy based, but also futuristic at the same time. We never really had any particular reference points for Final Fantasy XIII, in terms of places where we drew inspiration from. That said, we’re a little suspicious that the world famous Avatar movie might have take inspiration from us!” He said to Tech Digest (via That Video Game Blog)

Cameron first started work on Avatar back in 1994 but the things didn’t stat to come together until 2005/6. Final Fantasy XIII was first shown off in 2006 but the idea that Cameron would have pinched concepts from the game after nearly 11 years of planning sounds a bit far fetched. I do understand where Toriyama is coming from though in terms of similarities. Avatar focuses on a resistance group lead by a guy named Snow with the aid of a woman called Lightning while Final Fantasy XIII shows the plight of the Na’vi as they battle with humans for their home planet… or is that the other way around? They’re so close I often get them mixed up…


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