Gaming memories: Draconus (ZX Spectrum)

My first real interaction with a video game was thanks to my parents’ generosity towards my brother. Earlier than I can easily remember, he had the fortune of owning a ZX Spectrum. Not quite to system of choice for many UK households but one that pleased both my brother and I thanks to a certain game repeatedly whirling through the Spectrum’s cassette deck. That game was Draconus. With 100 screens to traverse, this early platformer was as odd as any other 80s title. Back then we were led to believe eggs were called Chucky and miners were quite manic so a game were a creature named Frognum can morph into Draconewt was perfectly acceptable. Frognum was the creature’s persona on land and Draconewt ruled the water each having their own abilities and tasks to complete in order to finish the game. Draconus was simple in concept; find some ancient artifacts, beat the end boss and save the day. Done. But I have to admit, I never got all that far into it as I spent more time aimlessly swimming around as Draconewt than breathing fire and punching my way to victory. Nevertheless, I still had immense amounts of fun and would eagerly rush home from school to hear that sweet sound of a screaming tape deck as it loaded my future gaming memory.


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