Valet Hustle is off the straight and narrow

Here’s a novel idea; Diner Dash was cool, how about making an iPhone game inspired by the addictive gameplay and add a bit of Tertis flare to it? That’s pretty much what developers Factory Games have done with Valet Hustle. Sounds fun right? Oh, one other thing, the playable characters are gay. Why? No other reason than why not? Both fathered by wealthy Japanese business men, Ren and Akira were thrown out of school when caught kissing other students of the same sex. Naturally, the only way to discipline them is by making the pair run the family valet services. As the game progresses, players delve deeper into the lives of Ren and Akira by way of cutscenes. Valet Hustle is only 59p and a proceed of this goes towards the Human Rights Campaign, devoted to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights. Story consultant Lulu Magdangal hopes this is that start of something good: “It’s cool to have been involved in the creation of Ren and Akira, two characters who triumph over prejudice by simply being themselves. I can only hope that Valet Hustle is the start of a trend and more game companies embrace both the gay and lesbian communities.”

The App Store page of Valet Hustle shows Factory Games’ humourous side – something that is needed to beat off the potential hordes of homophobics. Quotes like: “I don’t own an iPhone but I’m sure it’s really good love” by the founder’s mother and “Okay okay! Your game is really good, now ca I go out with my girlfriend?” by the art director’s son is a nice touch. What really made me laugh was the warning about how the game features gay and lesbian protagonists and how the best complaints will be posted on Factory Games’ website. In all seriousness though, having gay and lesbian heroes whose sexuality isn’t exploited to sell copies is superb. You don’t have to be gay to appreciate that and hopefully others feel the same. I’m not gay and already have the game lined up for download.

{Thanks Game Set Watch}


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