Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M and more get European release dates

When I read Nintendo’s press release confirming dates for some of their top titles of 2010 I felt a pang of guilt for neglecting my little white waggle box for far too long. As excited as I am for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M, I only remembered this excitement today as both games had completely left my mind. Not sure whether this is a result of Nintendo’s continuation to market the Wii as a toy for non-traditional game players or my already cluttered memory. Quite possibly a combination of the two but either way, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is coming to Europe on 11th June featuring the plumber’s hungry friend Yoshi. Expect it to play like Super Mario Galaxy with a couple of new suits and a dinosaur to ride. That’s not necessarily a criticism though would depend on whether you’re a Mario fan or not. Metroid: Other M has the looser date of quarter three (autumn) 2010 and looks to combine everything that worked from the Prime series with earlier Metroid experiences. Hold the Wii remote sideways to play the side-scrolling 2D elements or switch perspective whenever desired to a 3D view and gameplay. We may even hear Samus speak too as Nintendo promises voice acting but hasn’t clarified who this relates to.

Other worthy mentions are Monster Hunter Tri heading over on April 23rd. If you like dressing up in eccentric armour and joining your buddies online to hack monsters to bits, I’d recommend this game. For no extra cost other than the time spent entering in all those 16 digit friend codes, online hunting has been confirmed for Monster Hunter Tri. Cult phenomenon Sin and Punishment receives a sequel on May 7th called Successor of the Sky. Think on-rails shooting crossed with, well, more on-rails shooting! Just in time to save the poorly managed DSiWare is WarioWare: D.I.Y out April 30th letting us not only play the 70 new micro games within but make up our own too.

A pretty decent list of games for the next couple of months but it does make me wonder what they have planned for the holiday season…


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