Warner adds Rocksteady to their collection

Shortly after the announcement of Batman Arkham Asylum 2 we learned that Warner Bros Interactive secured the rights to publish the gargoyle loving sequel, pushing Eidos/Square out of the equation. That push has now become a mighty kick to the delicates as Warner has now acquired the London-based developers Rocksteady with a majority stake in the company. President of Warner’s UK division Josh Berger said (possibly rubbing his hands together thinking of the potential gold mine Batman 2 could be): “Rocksteady clearly has the talent, expertise and technology to make great games and we are fortunate to continue working closely with them as we further expand our games portfolio.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Arkham Asylum becomes a trilogy as Warner clearly wants to strengthen its position in the videogame market. In 2007 they bought TT Games who (constantly) develop the LEGO Star Wars franchise and soon Warner will be publishing LEGO Harry Potter, Mortal Kombat 9 and The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest to name but a few.

It’s highly unlikely that Warner’s acquisition of Rocksteady will effect the Batman 2 in any way and I can already hear reviewers readying themselves for the return of their messiah whenever it’s released.

{Thanks MCV}


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