War. What is it good for? A free copy of Red Faction…

If you reside in America then you’re accustomed to getting some pretty cool pre and post order gaming goodies. These normally consist of bonus DLC, packaging, t-shirst and or merchandise but THQ have gone one better, giving away a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla with every copy of Darksiders! See, pretty cool huh?! Inside the box (reports CVG), a mystery promo code was placed and using this code, owners need only to click here for a Xbox 360 version and here for one on the PS3 before March 7th and then pay for shipping and handling. A small price to pay for copy of the destructible fun of Red Faction: Guerrilla which must be taking up much needed space in a THQ warehouse somewhere stateside.

Darksiders has often been referred to as ‘the dark Zelda‘ where horseman War battles with such beasts as Tiamat and Silitha in a surprisingly enjoyable action adventure¬† game. Sadly I’ll miss out on this bonus as it’s only available in the US though a UK price drop does help make it up to us!


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