Street Fighter IV, on the iPhone?

The best way to play Street Fighter IV is with a fighting stick I’m told. I prefer blistering my thumbs on a d-pad myself but never in a million years would I have contemplated the lunacy of attempting to fight with no buttons what so ever. Yes my friends, Street Fighter IV is coming to the iPhone. Too early for April fools, Capcom boasts a large roster of characters for the port (all but Ryu and Ken are yet to be announced,) where both single and multiplayer is available as well as a practice mode. And practice we all will definitely need because the only way of pulling off those fireballs is via an on-screen stick and buttons. I have been surprised by the quality of some virtual controllers on the iPhone but more often than not, they feel like a barrier for enjoyment so while I’m trying to keep an open mind about this, I fear it could spectacularly fail. Prove me wrong Capcom, please? Expect to see Street Fighter IV grace the App Store sometime in March.

{Thanks Joystiq}


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