And the new Pokemon is…

The new Pokemon silhouetted on a recent TV show has been revealed as Zoroark (top right), a dark-type, monster fox Pokemon who evolves from equally dark but all the more cuter Zorua (top left). They’ll be part of the fifth-generation bumping the Pokedex up to 495 but this total will no doubt shift again once all the other new Pokemon are announced. To help with promotion (as if it’s needed), Zoroark stars in the next Pokefilm which also bares his name: Ruler Of Illusion Zoroark. Does the revel excite you as much as Nintendo and Game Freak hope it would? Or like me are you reserving your glee until more details about the ‘rebirth‘ of the next Pokemon are announced?

{Thanks Official Nintendo Magazine}


2 thoughts on “And the new Pokemon is…

  1. I know and that’s always been my problem with Pokemon – I like to use the characters but don’t want them evolving into something less cool looking! Not a big deal just means I have to duplicate my catches! 😉

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