Thane dissected

I beat Mass Effect 2 last night and witnessed the kind of ending that all videogames should offer. One of my favourite characters by far was the green wonder that was Thane. His troubled past but ruthless efficiency made for a must have team member and what better way to pay tribute than with a four-page article describing his creation. That’s exactly what Game Informer have done with the help of BioWare’s art director, Derek Watts. Among the details is how he was inspired by Abe Sapien of Hellboy fame (something that my wife pointed out straight away in fact.) He also needed to be “Handsome. He had to have that assassin vibe.” Thane almost took on a role of a shape shifter but that idea was rejected since he would have no real identity.

It’s a really interesting read and shows the step-by-step process of developing one of the coolest assassins to date (Sorry Ezio, but I prefer green.) Head on over to Game Informer’s site for the full story.


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