Red Dead Redemption getting plenty of pre-orders goodies

Pre-order bonuses generally favour one retailer and leave the others waving their fists in annoyance. For the release of Red Dead Redemption on April 27th, Rockstar have collaborated with the top three retailers giving each their own slice of that yummy pre-order pie:

If you buy the game from Amazon then you’ll be entitled to the Golden Guns Weapon Pack which offers more Fame for each kill. Increasing Fame allows for more side missions to become available meaning more duelling, rescuing and bribery.

GAME customers will be offered John Marston’s Deadly Assassin outfit. Wearing it causes the Dead Eye meter to replenish at twice the normal speed so you’ll be more accurate with shots.

The best piece of DLC comes from HMV with the inclusion of The War Horse. No other in-game horse will be as fast or as strong as this steed giving players “an advantage in nearly every situation.”

A Brady mini guide will come with the game when pre-ordered through Zavvi although details of what’s inside are still to come. For information hop on over to the official Red Dead Redemption pre-order page.


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