Lara laid (almost) bare

Toby Gard is responsible for for creating one of the most famous female videogame characters and is showing off some of the concept art (via Totalvideogames) he created for the once almighty Lara Croft. One in particular shows just how revealing Gard would allow her to be – much to the disappointment of Crystal Dynamics. They, rather shamefully, wanted him to draw her nude for the promotion of Tomb Raider: Legend and Anniversary. This seems a tad ironic when Eidos and Core fought for the closure of websites dedicated to naked fan-art. Since Gard is no longer a part of the franchise, his resistance to exploiting Croft may not be echoed by the new lead designer Crystal Dynamics. Recently, the use of Lara Croft as a promotional tool has become confused and still holds onto the now dated ideas of the 90s videogame ‘vixens’ when far more credibility is deserved. Nowadays we have female leads such as Bayonetta and Rubi from Bethesda’s Wet which may not have played all that well but the character of Rubi was handled very well. And even the slightly embarrassing moments in Bayonetta were wrapped in the notion that as a heroine, Bayonetta actually uses her sexuality to dominate and succeed being a fully independent character. Hopefully Crystal Dynamics can replicate these ideas in the next Tomb Raider game allowing Gard’s original vision to grow. To see all the art from Toby Gard, head over to his official site.


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