Heavy Rain demo ready for download

Would you like to play Heavy Rain? Of course you would. But the faintly announced demo won’t be out for another six days, so how can we play it now? Easy! Tied into online promo Four Days, a website called Precinct 52 allows for clues to be pieced together with the pay off being access to the demo – now. But thanks to Kotaku, sweating over what to pick won’t be necessary as they posted the four correct clues nullifying any chance of missing out. Hooray! Here’s just what you need to choose in order to get that all important PSN download code:

Short cigarette – Click the cigarette and choose the butt (117b)
Origami bird
Coffee shop C ( towards the bottom of the screen which says “diner”)
Tyre tracks – Choose the one marked 117h

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Heavy Rain demo ready for download

  1. Dude that rocks! I am on it like flies to a turd… or something like that.

    I really enjoyed Indigo Prophecy even though most people I knew didn’t care for it. I’m pretty excited to try this one out. Hope it lives up to most of the hype.

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