3D Dot Game Heroes lengthening video

The term ‘size isn’t everything’ is a mantra for those who feel embarrassed by the length of their swords. Much like our little hero from PS3 exclusive 3D Dot Game Heroes by RPG veterans Atlus. He felt rather self conscious about his weapon but a visit to the Blacksmith gave him the length and girth so sorely needed for wasting enemies. It’s all captured in the video after the break as well as the charm and wit of this nostalgia-fuelled adventure. I wonder if the ‘Darksiders is/vs Zeldadebate will cross over to 3D Dot Game Heroes since it too shares some similarities (and pays homage to Link’s first quest). I’d like to see it get judged on its own merits – like the humour and fully customisable character and weapons, one of the benefits of a world created purely by blocks!

3D Dot Game Heroes will be available May 11th in the US and has an estimated May 14th European release date.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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