Sony is testing our patience

Reality TV shows are best known for their forced attempt to depict normal social interaction. Filled with the lowest common denominator, they attract audiences and are vast in number giving Sony the perfect reason to make one of their own. The Tester was tentatively announced back in September where we were asked to audition for the chance to “face-off in a series of elimination challenges designed to test their mental toughness, endurance, and video game knowledge as they compete for a job working as a PlayStation game tester.” This doesn’t seem much of a prize when testers notoriously leave their jobs feeling contempt for the industry they once loved due to long hours and a monstrously tedious job. Either way, auditions are over and the cast of eleven are awaiting their chance to face judges like ex God of War boss David Jaffe when the show debuts on February 18th. It’s unclear as to whether it’ll come to Europe or not but more info can be found on the official site.

It’s a novel way to entice visitors to the PlayStation Network and has more of a chance of succeeding there then any of the other platforms online services but still feels unnecessary. Exclusivity deals have been shunned by Sony in favour of the research and development for titles like LittleBigPlanet yet we’re given The Tester instead of more of these types of games. The reality TV show bandwagon must be getting pretty crowded by now.


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