Return to Ostagar back next week

Fans of BioWare’s other immense rpg Dragon Age: Origins will once again get the chance to Return to Ostagar when the DLC is back online next week for all formats. Ray Muzyka revealed the news in his recent interview with Gamerzines where he said the reason for its removal was due to a timing error:

“We ran into an issue with a title update simultaneously hitting with Return to Ostagar and there was a timing issue with both of those. I don’t know if it was a communication error with our distribution partners or what happened there. If they were released in order it would have been fine but it created a bug which prevented progression and obviously that wasn’t acceptable so we pulled it down.”

While no specific dates were given, Muzyka said the DLC has almost completed its certification so should be up again very soon. And it’ll have to be since BioWare are releasing even more DLC shortly after that:

“We have a big investment planned for Dragon Age with more DLC coming in the next week or so.”

Good news for all high fantasy dwellers. The only problem now will come from getting the balance right between Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 gaming time!


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