Apple confirms the rumours

Apple’s surprise announcement yesterday was not their tablet device or the worst kept secret of recent years as some like to call it, but the fact that it is called the iPad. For as long as the rumours have been around, the iPad was thought to be called the iSlate but for whatever reason – like iSlate is a terrible name – it has a new title. A lot of talk before the announcement was how it’ll be more focused on gaming although it doesn’t sound like there’s a big difference from the existing iPhone. What will differ is the placement of virtual controls. Having a screen of almost 10 inches means it’s less likely to suffer from being obscured by thumbs, one of the biggest flaws of Apple gaming. An example of this comes from the video below featuring top fps, N.O.V.A (see my review) and its ‘boosted handling’. If the end product lives up to the questionable demo, I’m sold.

My view of the iPad is not of a new (semi) portable device to play games but more like a touch screen netbook. The problem Apple have given themselves is how the iPad looks like an oversized iPhone when it should have been given its own identity. That way it would have been less likely to be met with “why do I need one? I have an iPhone.” I’m keen to see if and how it approaches the tasks of a graphics tablet and whether it’ll be a good substitute. Though I’d imagine it would feel a lot like finger painting – something I’ve not done for at least a couple of years…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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