Silent Hill reaches its climax

We in Europe are still awaiting the arrival of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Wii but it’s doing wonders stateside. One such accolade was winning Giant Bomb‘s Best Wii Game of 2009, beating the likes of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii Sports Resort. Naturally UK based developers Climax who worked on the game are chuffed at all the attention and are even considering a sequel. Game director Mark Simmons and lead designer Sam Barlow wagged chins with the Official Nintendo Magazine about the hows and whys of Shattered Memories revealing some tasty nuggets of interest. Part of the reason Climax decided to remake the first Silent Hill instead of pumping out another sequel was down to a feeling of stagnation with the franchise leading to a boredom of “clunky combat, the lumbering zombies.” To reinvent the idea of combat, Climax removed all weapons from the game but didn’t consider their actions being particularly revolutionary;

“There was never a point where we thought ‘We’re doing something really ambitious here by removing the combat.’ We just looked at it and thought ‘This doesn’t make sense in this story.'”

A modest statement for such a bold move. Survival horrors are generally full of weaponry but limited ammo whereas Shattered Memories gives players only the option to escape rather than stay and fight. Critics have praises this aspect of the game as it adds a realistic feeling of tension and fear which is what survival horror games should be all about – or at least they were.

ONM quizzed the pair on their thoughts over Sega and Capcom’s complaining about the poor sales of mature rated games on the Wii. Barlow pointed out how a lot of the titles in question are on-rail shooters which is very niche regardless of the maturity of content and believes Shattered Memories will appeal to those who “really enjoy a good horror story.”

For the full story, head over to the Official Nintendo Magazine site.


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