Half-Minute Hero demo coming shortly…

RPGs can last multiple hours and are subconsciously graded by length. The longer the better some may have you believe but Marvelous Entertainment’s Half-Minute Hero for the PSP is challenging that perception. The idea is to save the world in thirty seconds. Thirty real-time seconds. But with over 100 missions lasting upwards of 20 hours, Half-Minute Hero could be bite-sized enough to be brilliant. From February 4th a demo will be live on PSN offering a segment of gameplay to tantalize us before the February 12th release date. I can’t wait – initially for the demo and depending on how that goes, hopefully the full game too!


4 thoughts on “Half-Minute Hero demo coming shortly…

  1. That’s a big problem I have too. It seems a 15 hour game for me is about the max right now. Although I’ll definitely make exceptions like for Mass Effect 2!

    So do you think that Half-Minute Hero would be the kind of game that you’d go for since it’s so bite-sized? That’s that part which interests me the most but also concerns me slightly…

  2. I consider 15-20 hrs a perfectly acceptable amount of game time. If anything, they shouldn’t exceed 30 (to complete). I don’t mind 100+ hrs if it’s extra content ie quests, replays and leveling up. These are not necessary but nice to have. All these game companies believing that a game needs 50+ hrs are going about it all wrong. At least that’s how I feel about the subject.

    I’d absolutely love to try out Half-Minute Hero. I definitely appreciate their attempt to think outside of the RPG box. Yes it does kind of concern me but at least they are trying something different. Can’t wrong them for that.

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