A slice of sorrow with Heavy Rain demo

With a lack of grandeur expected for such an announcement, Sony revealed yesterday that the Heavy Rain demo will be available from February 11th on PSN. Rather than a post on the European PlayStation blog, the news was outed (via Kotaku) by answering a comment about this week’s PSN update – all the way down on page four. Instead of dwelling on this bizarre treatment, I’m just pleased we’ll be getting a taster before its February 26th release date. The main article included news to make the special edition a tad less special due to its free dynamic theme for sale now on the store. Nothing major but still a bit silly.

David Cage spoke of his concern about producing a demo back in November saying:

“The problem is that each scene of the game offers contextual game play, which is something very difficult to explain and convey in a single demo.”

So it’ll be interesting which aspects he decides to show off. The demo’s release ties in almost perfectly with the end of online adventure, Four Days, found on the official Heavy Rain site so possibly the two will be connected somehow…hmmmm…


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