Nintendo promotes online – finally!

After nearly two years of obscurities and hidden treasures, WiiWare, along with all online aspects of the Wii and DSi, are to receive a massive marketing campaign – something that should have been done a lot sooner. The drive includes a three week TV advertising spree which kicked off last night in the UK and will focus on the most marketable like the BBC iPlayer and Band Hero DLC. In case that was a bit too sane, WiiWare titles like Bonsai Barber get their own adverts too. The campaign also promotes the quality-lacking world of DSiWare and retailers will do their bit in informing customers of going online with the Wii. To be brutally honest, there isn’t a great deal of reason to do so making that task even harder.

It’s great to see Nintendo taking their services more seriously but they need to incentivise developers to make higher quality games if they are to truly succeed. WiiWare has some great titles but DSiWare is littered with dodgy mobile ports and limited minigames. Thankfully, Dark Void: Zero is released this week (in US and hopefully this Friday for Europe), which seems a perfect fit for the system. More of that please!

{Thanks MCVUK}


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