Home user calls for virtual jail

MMOs are not without their fair share of cretins and sadly most gamers have come across a large number who revel in annoying others. A player of Sony’s online gathering, Home, has allegedly been sexually assaulted. The claim was posted on the official PlayStation forums by Whoef – roommate of the assaulted – saying how her friend attracted some unwanted attention by another user who then followed her around trying to get behind and use the crouch gesture. Whoef is rallying for action to be taken in the form of a virtual restraining order or even for Sony to create a Home Jail.

“There is no reason Home can’t make money on future rapists. After losing all their items, like a real jail, Home can sell them orange jumpsuits, flip-flops and they can decorate their jail cells with a few items such as bunk bed, toilet and a bed roll. They might as well get use to it, that’s where they are headed if they don’t change their criminal behaviour,” suggested Whoef.

Calling online idiots “future rapists” is a little extreme but I agree that Sony should have some form of monitoring for this type of thing. The idea of making money off them is a little troubling and almost excepting of the behaviour rather than punishing it – banning the user for a period of time should suffice unless they’re a continuing pest where a total ban is more appropriate. Another solution is for Sony to implement a system where users can block those who are a potential pest meaning their paths would never cross again. Sadly it’s doubtful this kind of thing will ever go away and only adds fuel to the fires of journalists who spend far too much time criticising the videogame industry. 

{Thanks Videogamer}


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