“Darksiders better than Zelda” claims Sterling

Jim Sterling of Destructoid fame likes to speak his mind inciting a multitude of reactions. His latest article to divide the masses centers on why he thinks Darksiders is better than Zelda. Comparisons of the two seem the best way to explain what Darksiders represents  – a Zelda-esque experience though taking ideas from one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises may suggest that it will always be the inferior copy-cat to Zelda‘s originality. Sterling believes this isn’t the case. He claims that Link is less of a man than War from Darksiders and lacks the awesome weaponry that War has. Something harder to argue with is the inclusion of voice acting genius, Mark Hamill who appears as The Watcher in Darksiders. Sterling ranted that “The Legend of Zelda doesn’t even have voice acting, marking it as the clearly inferior product.” He does have a point. Even die hard Zelda fans have called for real voice acting for their favoured game. The bashing continues in his rather amusing article with the conclusion that “If you’ve played one Zelda game, you’ve played them all” due to the glaring similarities of every Zelda title.

It’s definitely worth a read regardless of your feelings and made me, a fan of Link’s adventures, want to play Darksiders even more.


4 thoughts on ““Darksiders better than Zelda” claims Sterling

  1. Anyone can argue anything… really.

    Anyway I’m pretty close to finishing up Darksiders and I definitely can see the similarities in this to Zelda games. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. I’m having an awesome time getting through the game.

    I’d say the main difference is that Darksiders is primarily a third person hack and slash game. There is a big focus on combat.

    In Zelda games, the focus is on puzzle solving and exploring.

    The truth is that they both use very similar mechanics to solve puzzles and continue to different areas. “bombs” to blow up walls. “grapple” tools to swing across open areas. “boomerang” weapons to flip switches. It’s done in so many other games that it’s silly to compare it to just Zelda. That’s just my thoughts.

  2. Hey thanks for your comments. Some good points you made too. Are you a big Zelda fan? I’d like to know if fans of Zelda feel these statements are justified since Jim sounds like he’s not all that keen on Zelda! But you’re right, Zelda is about exploring and the latest games really try and push that forward for the series. I’m with you though, saying Darksiders is similar to Zelda sounds like a good thing because Zelda in all its forms is pretty cool! 🙂

    • I am a big Zelda fan and agree that they are all similar but you can say that about any game series. I found the article to be a fun read anyway. Poking fun at himself and obviously not taking anything seriously. Funny stuff 😀

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