Four Days of Heavy Rain

If like me you’re chomping at the bit for some Heavy Rain action, then the official website may offer some relief. After registering visitors can “join the hunt” in an exclusive online adventure called Four Days. From January 26th, lasting three weeks and taking place in real time between Tuesdays and Fridays, Four Days will have us interacting with other characters, solving puzzles and unlocking content all while tracking down a murderer – much like Heavy Rain will have us doing. According to VG247, Sony hinted that there could be “more than meets the eyes” when speaking of the official site so I’ll take that as confirmation that Optimus Prime is the killer – I joke of course. Another incentive to sign up is the reward of a Heavy Rain: Access All Areas shirt for your Home avatar, whose in-site picture sits above the sentence “Who knows wat doors it may open…” – Secret areas in Home perchance? Before the game is released we’re already being drawn into the dark and seedy world of Heavy Rain and I must say, I rather like it.


2 thoughts on “Four Days of Heavy Rain

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