Ubisoft gets realistic with Red Steel 2

It’s a pretty bad start for a game if the developer/publisher drastically loses faith before it’s even released. Red Steel 2 was initially estimated to sell around 1 million copies when it arrives in March but Ubisoft ceo, Yves Guillemot now believes it’ll do considerably less than that – half to be precise. In a recent Ubisoft financial conference, he was asked about movie tie-in Avatar and his predictions for RS2 to which he was less than glowing:

“For Avatar we said 2.5 million units and our expectations were more in the 3.5-4 million [region].  On Red Steel we decided, in our expectations, to divide the quantity by two and previously we had around a million.”

Yet another publisher who is starting to doubt the Wii’s ability to appeal to a ‘core’ gaming market. Not that long ago, Sega commented on the their reluctance to develop anymore mature/core games for the Wii because they just don’t bring in the cash. If Nintendo stopped marketing the platform as a family toy then the audience may begin to grow but until then, publishers are going to limit their support. Half a million is still impressive but may not have the return on investment needed to make a profit for Ubisoft. I personally think it’s quite an exciting title what with the Wii MotionPlus support though I imagine I’m part of the minority here.

[Thanks Total Video Games]


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