Final Fantasy XIII 360 port equal to PS3

When Microsoft announced their new found friendship with Square Enix would lead to Final Fantasy XIII coming to the Xbox 360, Sony fanboys foamed with disgust. After the anger came the arguments of how it would run on the PS3 but according to Jeremy Parish of 1up fame, this isn’t the case. After playing a fair chunk of the PS3 version, he recently got to play the 360 version and to his surprise, it was just as good:

FFXIII runs just as smoothly on 360 as it does on PS3. It’s a brisk, action-packed RPG with tons happening on the screen at any given time (and the series’ requisite flashy visuals cranked up to full throttle), yet I didn’t see a hint of slowdown or choppiness or screen tearing or any of the other visual hiccups that serve as hallmarks of a sloppy port. Admittedly, I didn’t see the two versions running side-by-side but I honestly saw no tangible difference from my time with the PS3 version.”

Wow, pretty impressive stuff. There’ll no doubt be some differences like audio and textures but nothing that will make a massive difference to the overall experience. The biggest advantage of the PS3 version is how it’ll be a single Blu-ray whereas the 360 port has to be spread over multiple discs. The retaliatory response for 360 gamers is whether getting up to change a disc will be more annoying than the obligatory install that comes with most PS3 games. For the full story, check out Jeremy’s report here.


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