In case you missed it, Tap Farm is out!

Farming games have always been popular genre with all types of gamer, most recently proved by Facebook’s Farmville app. If you missed its release a couple of weeks ago, Tap Farm, iPhone and iPod Touch’s Farmville homage, is waiting patiently on the App Store. It is by all accounts a clone of the Facebook app and is similarly free except for a few choice 59p purchases in-game. These aren’t essential to growing that stellar crop so only for the hardcore agriculturalist. The idea is simple; buy some seeds, grow some plants, sell them and repeat. You can also rear livestock, buy houses and outdoor decorations in a fully customisable plot of land. As to not wipe out your battery, all crops are grown in real time meaning you don’t need the App running for those veggies to grow. I didn’t expect to like it but I’m finding it quite addictive without the need to invest huge amounts of time into it. Tap Farm is a fun little App and it’s free – bonus!


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