Endless Ocean 2 Euro release date

I may never have played the first Endless Ocean myself, but my wife found comfort after a long day at work by swimming with dolphins and tickling fish all in the confines of our living room. From what I saw – and it was a lot – the diving sim was totally misjudged when labeled a boring game. Some argued that since it was a Wii title, the SD graphics wouldn’t allow for a true immersion into the world but after selling roughly one million units worldwide, the expected sequel gets a European release date of February 5th (earlier than predicted). The news, confirmed by Nintendo, came with details of six new oceans including Arctic wates and the Aegean Sea home to sunken shipwrecks. For those who don’t like the taste of salt, freshwater rivers are new to Endless Ocean 2 as well as the ability to leave the water and investigate the shoreline. Nintendo’s press release also suggests the possibility of threatening encounters by sharks and other sea dwelling nasties. Unlike the first game, Endless Ocean 2 arms divers with a weapon – just in case. Online multiplayer utilising the Wii Speak peripheral should boost the game’s longevity as long as players have their 16-digit friend code to hand.


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