Sega doubtful to continue making mature Wii games

Sega have always been very supportive of the Wii’s mature-title-loving audience and unofficially championed the way for such games to appear at all. But Constantine Hantzopoulos, Sega of America development director, feels those days are over. When chatting to 1up’s weekly podcast, 4 guys 1up, he gave a frank (but still slightly open) statement of: “Are we going to do more mature titles for the Wii? Probably not.” He continued with how they took a risk at developing mature games but were confident that such an audience did exist for the Wii. It turns out that furthering evidence from Sega points to the opposite: “anyone above 12-years-old was playing PS3 and Xbox 360 shooter,” he added.

After the poor sales of MadWorld and The Conduit, it’s no surprise that Sega have decided not to continue to beat the proverbial dead horse. Of course if both those games were actually more than just mediocre, we may have a different situation altogether. The House of the Dead: Overkill was fairly successful and filled with blood and cursing but most importantly, it was fun.


One thought on “Sega doubtful to continue making mature Wii games

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