PSP to get legendary trading card game

The Eye of Judgement for PS3 is a brilliant card battler that almost made me feel like I was playing the infamous chess scene from Star Wars. Sony have announced that the next game to carry the brand will be a scaled down version of the original, all neatly packaged for the PSP. The Eye of Judgement: Legends does away with physical cards cramming 300 digitised versions – 30 new ones – into a UMD or download. We’ll still be able to collect and trade cards as booster packs will be sold over PSN or unlocked during play and trading encouraged between PSPs. From the screenshots so far (more after the break), playable characters and opponents have been given a anime twist and hopefully we’ll get a decent campaign too.

I’m a massive sucker for card games and very excited to pick up this title. No solid release date has been announced yet other than Spring 2010 which leaves plenty of time for me to buy a new battery and dust off my PSP.


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