The Simpsons are coming to iPhone

Some of my best arcade gaming moments came from playing The Simpsons : The Arcade game back in 1991. Me and three friends were continuously thrilled at the novelty of playing one of the yellowed family with suitably fitting enemies. EA have offered a chance to revisit my youth with the release of The Simpsons Arcade on iPhone coming later this month. It may not have anything to do with the 1991 classic – other than a coincidently similar name – but the screenshots and press release suggest a similar spate of entertaining silliness. The Simpsons Arcade is a single player side-scrolling brawler with Homer as the lead. All the family are available in the form of a ‘Family Frenzy’ power up but Homer is the only playable Simpson. His object is to fight through anyone who prevents him from collecting a special doughnut containing a secret plan. Krusty, Bumblebee Man and Chief Wiggum are amongst recognisable characters Homer will come across over 6 different environments totally over 25 levels. Expect the kind of humour and art style The Simpsons is famous for. I just hope this is one of the better Simpson games since developers have been rather hit and miss when it comes to recreating the ridiculously long-running tv show. Read on to see all the screenshots so far.


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