True Crime details sound oddly familiar

The open-world genre is fast becoming a well trodden path with Activision rebooting its True Crime franchise for autumn next year on all HD systems. In 2003, True Crime: Streets of LA was released with fairly respectable reviews only to have an average sequel a few years later called True Crime: Streets of New York. This time around Activision look to be ditching the subtitle and starting fresh – with increasingly over used story. True Crime will have us playing as Wei Shen, a cop who must go undercover to infiltrate a Triad syndicate in Hong Kong. Naturally there will be a ‘karma system’ as Wei has to choose between being the good guy or loyal Triad member. Expect gameplay sequences to include martial arts, driving, chasing and a healthy serving of gunfights. ModNation Racers developer United Front Games takes the reigns from Luxoflux for the latest game which Maria Stipp of Activision publishing claims will let gamers “play out their own epic Hong Kong action thriller!” We shall see.

{Thanks Videogamer}


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