Etrian Odyssey III debut trailer

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Disturbingly hard but equally rewarding franchise, Etrian Odyssey is getting a third installment which adds something of a nautical theme this time around. Previous games took place in a familiar wooded setting whereas Etrian Odyssey III will “partially take place on the high seas” (via GoNintendo). Adding to that is a multiplayer mode allowing 5 players to sail around together. Character art and classes are getting a full overhaul with even more classes to choose from.

In case you’ve missed the series, Etrian Odyssey is a brutally hard RPG by Atlus (becoming known for their unforgiving RPGs) which had players draw their own maps as they explored a multi-leveled dungeon. Sounds boring but they are really quite fun – if you can handle having your party beaten by a butterfly.

So far the game is only announced for Japan with a teaser site available for all who can read kanji. Sadly, much like Rune Factory, Etrian Odyssey is still yet to have the second game released in Europe so the only chance we have is to import it when it comes to America.


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