Mega Man 10 coming to WiiWare

Retro gamers rejoice as a new Mega Man is heading to WiiWare in full 8-bit glory! spread the news of Mega Man 10 which features on the cover of American gaming mag Nintendo Power. There’ll be three characters to choose from; Mega Man, Proto Man and another yet to be announced chap. Those of us who don’t hate ourselves will be able to play the game in ‘easy’ mode which tones down some of the bitterly hard aspects traditional to Mega Man games. So far, one boss has been revealed which leads me to believe Capcom are beginning to get a bit short on ideas. He’s known as Sheep Man and has a Thunder Wool ability. I’m guessing all the more threatening names for bosses have been used in previous Mega Man iterations. The story centres on the struggle to find a cure for berserk robots with a mass of fiendish levels standing in the way. Click here to see the full spread from Nintendo Power with details of the game’s release to be expected in the next few weeks.


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