Perfect screens of Perfect Dark

With the never ending saga of whether GoldenEye for the N64 will ever come out on Xbox Live Arcade, Rare have continued eagerly working away at porting another IP that has an actual chance of being released. Perfect Dark – not the terrible Xbox 360 launch title but N64 classic – was a great FPS back in 2000 running on an updated version of the GoldenEye engine. Now has been stripped apart, polished until it’s shinier than a grand piano and put back together making one highly anticipated XBLA game. The screenshot above shows just how much Rare have beefed up the graphics and after the break, I’ve uploaded a comparison shot of ‘then and now’ (thanks to Joystiq). It may not look amazing or even close to some of today’s FPS ventures but first remember this is only an arcade title and also what it used to look like! More screenshots can be found on Rare’s official site.




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