Multiplayer for the next Tomb Raider?

I was unaware that Crystal Dynamics were still working on Tomb Raider after Square Enix rescued Eidos from financial doom. A recent ad from the once great developers (via CinemaBlend) is asking for a lead designer for multiplayer elements to “one of the most prestigious AAA franchises in the industry.” It may not mention Tomb Raider specifically but considering nothing but the adventures of Lara Croft has been produced by Crystal Dynamics for a good few years it’s highly probable that Tomb Raider is the franchise they’re referring to. Some shots of what could be the next game ‘leaked’ onto the internet early in the year and Square Enix are keen to continue the series so even more fingers are beginning to point at Lara now. The ad also mentions Xbox 360 and PS3 development which isn’t much of a surprise.

This could be just what Tomb Raider needs to help the continuing lackluster sales of recent years which sadly shows that it just isn’t the “prestigious AAA franchise” Crystal Dynamics and Eidos would very much like it to be. Hopefully this rumoured multiplayer component and possible open-world environment would elevate Lara and the gang back to the lofty heights they enjoyed back in the PS1 days.


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