Heavy Rain box-art folded in familiarity

Never judge a book buy its cover is a phrase that shouldn’t extend to the world of video games and held only for odd looking strangers. CVG came across the box art for upcoming thrill-em-up Heavy Rain which, despite the game’s unconventional gameplay, looks fairly unexciting. Granted for reasons of impulse purchases art needs to be acceptable for all but it just seems reminiscent of Silent Hill and other survival horror titles. I do like the origami bird with a hint of blood relating to Heavy Rain‘s underlying story of the origami killer but the font and treatment is a bit obvious. Nevermind, with the future of video games edging closer and closer to digital distribution, box art is becoming less of a relevance but while it is here lets try and do a bit more with it. Anyway, that’s probably far too much time spent talking about box-art! Heavy Rain looks to be a winner regardless!


2 thoughts on “Heavy Rain box-art folded in familiarity

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