Star Wars + CoD4 = Galactic Warfare

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to pirating, greed and the desire to always be in control, Activision have scuppered any chances of playing mods in Modern Warfare 2. Naturally, keen amateur devs and skilful enthusiasts have been concentrating their talents on former king of the FPS, Call of Duty 4, and creating some rather wonderful levels. Much like Galactic Warfare which splices together Infinity Ward’s blockbuster shooter with none other than Star Wars. The guys over at Destructoid (who found the mod) sound just as excited as I am about the unofficial collaboration. I may not have a PC worthy of playing the game but it was still really fun to watch the trailer (seen above) and admire the workmanship. Black Monkeys are the ones who should be thanked for such a mod and claim that a public beta will be available in the next couple of weeks. For now I think I’ll jealously watch the video a couple more times.


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