Muscle March adds some insanity to WiiWare

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Namco Bandai have given us some utterly bizarre experiences. Noby Noby Boy has us stretching Boy in order to make Girl grow. That’s pretty much it. The Katamari series is essentially a snowball simulator and now Namco Bandai have added another gem to the list of insanity. Muscle March sees a group of buff, thong-wearing body builders – and a polar bear – chase an american football player who has stolen what looks like a tub of protein. A giraffe shows the combo meter and an elephant sits next to the stamina bar. No I’m not making it up, it’s all true and can be seen in the trailer above. Gameplay revolves around the footballer smashing through walls leaving a hole in various poses. These shapes have to be replicated by holding the Wii remote in a similar stance. It is fast, crazy and reminds me of the glorious Bishi Bashi for PS1 so there could be some fun to be had. Muscle March needs to be cheap however because paying 1000 Wii Points for it would be considerably hard to justify.


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