Play Call of Duty: Classic from tomorrow!

Last night I finally completed the single player campaign of Modern Warfare 2 and thought it was a great ending to a highly entertaining game. There were moments of fairly cheap AI but not enough to hamper my time and It was nice to see similar tricks and interactivity that Metal Gear Solid 4 promoted. This leaves me one day to relax my thumbs and catch my breath before jumping back into another finely crafted Infinity Ward adventure – Call of Duty: Classic. Kotaku reports that from tomorrow, Xbox Live Arcade will offer the originator of the franchise for 1200 MS Points. Shortly after on Thursday, PS3 owners will equally treated with appearing on PSN for a slightly cheaper sum of around £9. Special edition owners of MW2 will already have access codes for CoD:C but those of us who didn’t fancy night vision goggles or a making of DVD, can spend around a tenner and may even have a bit of change too.


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