Gaming memories: Donkey Kong Country

Ah Donkey Kong Country. I remember marveling at what I thought was outstanding graphics thanks to 2D sprites of 3D characters made by Brti company Rareware (now just Rare). DKC has sold over 9 million copies making it the third best selling game on the SNES thanks to brilliance such as what I want to talk about today – the Gorilla Glacier world, this being the fourth world you come across. Its first level has suitably snowy surroundings but clear skies. As you progress you notice a few flakes of snow falling and after a short while this becomes a full on snow storm limiting visibility greatly. What could have been a frustrating experience made for some fantastic gameplay. To this day these are some of my favourite platforming levels simply because it uses the environment as another obstacle back when most gaming backdrops where a static or faux 3D image. Little touches like how Donkey and Diddy Kong would slide ever so slightly on the icy terrain made the blizzard all the more believable.

Since snow maybe on the way here in the UK and no doubt already covering a lot of high ground in the rest of the world, now is the perfect time to experience the frosty goodness that is Gorilla Glacier world. Go on, it’s on the Wii’s Virtual Console and everything – you have no excuse!


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