Puzzle Quest 2 becomes a reality

UPDATE: D3 have made an official announcement stating that Puzzle Quest 2 will be coming to the DS and Xbox Live Arcade Spring 2010.

GamePro unveiled a tasty piece of news last night with the confirmation of Puzzle Quest 2! Very little details have been shared as GamePro want us to buy their January 2010 magazine to find out more. All we know so far is that it’s definitely coming to the Xbox 360. One other titbit from the screenshot above (hi-res version here), shows the addition of a fist rune. Logically a fist would suggest a strike to the opponent but we already have that represented by skulls. Hmm, maybe it is some kind of damage multiplier that can be charged (see under the characters for a numbered fist) or a stun technique allowing for another turn? Whatever it is doesn’t really matter at the moment, the fact is we’re getting another Puzzle Quest and that’s good enough for me!


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