Meet the Super Street Fighter IV family…so far

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Capcom have been very secretive about who will be added to Street Fighter IV‘s roster in order to rename the game Super Street Fighter IV but leaks have been dripping from so many places, they might as well just reveal all. Adon, Cody and Guy made appearances in Famitsu recently and following that news comes the latest official trailer showing all the new fighters plus the veterans in action. Capcom have chosen to dress Cody in his prison attire from Street Fighter Alpha complete with chained handcuffs. However, the video shows they’re mainly for decoration seeing as he’s still able to beat the crap out of his opponents! The voice acting features as a reminder of how cheesy fighting games can be with T. Hawk being badly cast and Juri sounding like a spoilt cheerleader. No matter, Super Street Fighter IV looks to improve on the best bits from the previous game even if the characters sound rather foolish – and more are still yet to be revealed!


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