More Mass Effect 2 DLC promises

Caution. What you are about to hear may be marketing loveliness and not representative of the facts. However, being fellow children of the maple leaf, I’m going to give BioWare the benefit of the doubt. More specifically, Casey Hudson, project director on Mass Effect 2 who claimed on a recent Gametrailers TV episode {via That VideoGame Blog} all about the mouth-watering sequel that;

“Once [development for Mass Effect 2 has finished] pretty much the whole team switches into working on really cool downloadable content”

The previous game wasn’t really built for DLC so if BioWare wanted to release any such content, it would have to be a fairly meaty download. With Mass Effect 2, anything is possible thanks to its technically superior programming. Hudson didn’t go into any detail about just what we can expect from the full team’s efforts but the leaked ‘quiz’ at the start of the month suggested things like full campaign expansions and planned episodic content. To be honest, anything to lengthen what could be an awesome experience is fine by me!


2 thoughts on “More Mass Effect 2 DLC promises

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