Noby Noby Girl proves size does matter

One of the best features about Noby Noby Boy is the huge community aspect to the overall objective. Our Noby Noby Boys must stretch, eat, then stretch some more in order to make Noby Noby Girl grow and reach new planets. It looks as if we’ve all been busy stretching ourselves because Girl has now lengthened herself to Jupiter (reports Destructoid) – that’s a colossal 576,682,810 miles away people! The game’s been out since February, so that’s 9 months of tugging – with a newly added random multiplier – to accomplish such an achievement. Sadly, I lost interest in Noby Noby Boy around March but find it pretty cool (and a little baffling) that so many others have kept creator Keita Takahashi’s dream alive. Bravo one and all.


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