Super Mario Kart is back and it’s brought friends

For over three years, Nintendo has been offering some of their best games from days gone by over the Wii’s Virtual Console. It’s also taken them the same amount of time to release one of their all time SNES classics; Super Mario Kart. The delay was a deliberate effort to make Mario Kart Wii more desirable despite the fact it’s been more than capable of selling on it’s own merits. From Monday in the US – coming to Europe shortly after – we’ll be able to download SMK for 800 Wii Points (£4) and play the first and best version of the kart racer. It’s a shame that no enhancements have been added such as online multiplayer but that’s more of a pipe dream than an realistic possibility.

Not stopping at that classical offering, Nintendo will also be releasing the SNES descender Pilotwings allowing a pixelated but technically brilliant take on skydiving. Then when the year is almost up, Super Smash Bros for N64 will join SMK and Pilotwings rounding off an awesome holiday of retro titles. Once again, Super Smash Bros has it’s successor on the Wii already but it’s nice to have the opportunity to experience the originator of the franchise. Many fans (like me) may still have their SNES and N64 copies of these games as a treasured possession but laziness is a powerful thing and soon we’ll be able to play them without having to get up and change the game cartridge or indeed console. Genius.

{Thanks Gamespot}


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